Dr. Russell Gann

Dr. Russell Gann
IMIT Director  & CIO
Ministry of the National Guard

Dr. Gann has over 30 years of experience in IT management, governance, security, monitoring & control, with both program and project management at the levels of National governments. Through a thorough understanding cyber security requirements, he has helped Ministers and Undersecretaries to maintain a balance between costs, governance and competitive advantage.

He has been instrumental in certification and accreditation procedures across the world with projects from the US to MENA to WHO. His years overseeing security projects at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention helped him to assist the Minister of Health with privacy and monitoring & control issues facing the Kingdom.

He has assisted in research projects towards governance/compliance and works with Information Security Strategy of CDC surveillance; Federal /National requirements towards Information Security; Industry best practices to Health InfoSec; and eavesdropping, surveillance, and mitigation of external intrusion for wireless, telecom and card security devices

He holds a PhD, two MS and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science as well as numerous professional certificates.