Eng. Ali Bin Saleh Al-Soma
Director General, Yesser, Saudi Arabia
Minister’s Advisor for IT and Director General of the e-Government Program – Ministry of Communications & IT, KSA

Mr Thomas Schreck
Board Member

Eng. Badar Al Salehi
Director General
Oman National CERT & Head of ITU Arab Regional Cyber Security Center

Anthony Smith, AS EMS, NRP
Chief Trainer, Medical Doctrine Development
Vinnell Arabia

Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Motrif
Saudi Health Information Systems

Dr. Russell Gann
IMIT Director & CIO
Ministry of the National Guard, KSA

Sultan AbuKoshaim
CIO and Governor’s Advisor
Saudi Standards Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO)

Benoit Godart
Head of Outreach & Support,
European Cybercrime Centre (EC3), EUROPOL

Dr Hossam Nabil
Head of Information Management
Section, Ministry of Interior, Egypt

Dr. Ayad Y. Aldaijy
Advisor to the Minster and CIO
Ministry of Environment Water & Agriculture, KSA

Abdirashid Samater
Information Security Advisor
Ministry of Justice, KSA

Christophe Durand
Head of Cyber Strategy,

Mr Mohamed Naoufel Frikha
Director General
National Agency for Computer Security, TUNIS CERT

Ali M. Alomran
DGM, Technology Services
Arab National Bank

Dr Sherif Hashem
Vice President for Cybersecurity
National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority, Egypt

Eng. Ebrahim Alhaddad
Regional Director, Arab Regional Office
International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

Ryuichi HIRANO
National Center of Incident Readiness & Strategy for Cybersecurity,
Government of Japan, Cabinet Secretariat of Japan

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